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Board Experience

Pamela F. Lenehan is a senior executive with broad strategic and financial experience in corporate, investment banking, and public board environments. 
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ATN International: Pam is a director and chair of the audit committee of ATN International (Nasdaq: ATNI), a provider of digital infrastructure and communications services in the United States and internationally, including the Caribbean region, with a focus on rural and remote markets. She joined the board in June 2020.

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Pam is on the board, chair of the nominating and governance committee and a member of the executive committee of the Center for Women & Enterprise, a non-profit with the mission of helping women start and grow businesses.  


She is on the board of the New England Chapter of the National Association of Corporate Directors and
co-chair of the Boston chapter of Women Corporate Directors.  Pam holds an NACD Directorship Certification from the National Association of Corporate Directors.

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Rithm Capital: Pam was a director and served as the audit chair of Rithm Capital (NYSE: RITM), a manager of assets and investments focused on the real estate and financial services sectors. During her four years on the board the company did multiple acquisitions, dealt with the government-mandated mortgage forbearance during the pandemic, and internalized management.

Monotype Imaging Inc.: Pam was chair of the board of Monotype Imaging, a $240 million software company whose fonts and technologies bring the world’s words to the page and screen. She joined in 2006 before the company went public and was on the board while the company did its initial public offering, a secondary offering, a number of acquisitions, and engaged with activist shareholders. The company was sold to a private equity investor in October 2019.

Civitas Solutions: She was a member of the audit and compensation committees and presiding director of Civitas Solutions, a $1.6 billion company that provides services to individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities, acquired brain injuries, and youth and family services. She joined the board of the company, which was majority owned by Vestar Capital and the management team, in 2008. During her time on the board the company underwent a CEO succession, listed on the NYSE, did a number of acquisitions and divestitures, a major refinancing, and changed independent auditors. The company was sold to a private equity group in March 2019. 

American Superconductor: Pam previously served as a director and chair of the audit committee of American Superconductor, a $50 million company, (Nasdaq: AMSC). AMSC provides megawatt-scale solutions that lower the cost of wind power and enhance the performance of the power grid. Within two weeks of Pam’s joining the board in March 2011 the company’s major customer refused all shipments. An investigation resulted in discovery of IP theft by the customer. The company restructured its operations, received a “going concern” opinion, changed auditors, raised capital and received a “clean” opinion from auditors. Immediately before her departure from the board, all IP theft litigation was resolved.

Spartech Corporation: Pam previously served as a director and chair of the compensation committee, and a member of the audit, risk management, and CEO search committees of Spartech Corporation, a $1 billion NYSE listed manufacturer of plastic sheet and compounds. During her nine years on the board the company had three CEO transitions and a major restructuring necessitated by the global recession. In March 2013 Spartech was acquired by PolyOne (NYSE: POL), a strategic buyer, in a cash/stock transaction that valued the company at a 56% premium over the prior day’s stock price at announcement which rose to a 106% premium at the close.

Avid Technology: Pam previously spent over six years on the board of Avid Technology, a NASDAQ listed video and audio editing software company where she variously served as chair of the board, chair of the audit committee, and a member of the compensation and CEO search committees. During her time on the board the company did numerous acquisitions, had a CEO change, changed independent auditors and brought a large shareholder onto the board.

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